The Best way to get to Visconde de Maua.

The access to Visconde de Mauá is via the exit 311 from the motorway Presidente Dutra (BR-116) between the cities Itatiaia and Resende, for those coming from either Rio the Janeiro or São Paulo.

Once you reached the exit 311 keep driving in the main Road. After few minutes you will see a petrol station and a roundabout with signs indicating Penedo and Visconde de Mauá.

Around 12 Km after the roundabout you will find a snack place called Capelinha. From this point onwards you will drive in an Environmental Protected Area. Once you reach the top you will be able to see Visconde de Mauá village down below.
The Inn is located at Vale da Grama, only 800 metres from Visconde de Mauá village.

Distances from Visconde de Mauá
Rio de Janeiro: 198 Km / Penedo: 29 Km
Resende: 39 Km / São Paulo: 286 Km