Cancelation Policy

1. Fees

The fees are in Real Currency. When it is in U$ (US dollar) it should be converted into Real according to the exchange rate.

The FEE includes: Breakfast.

We do not charge services FEE.

For each extra bed, it will be added:
     - 10% additional for children up to five years old;
     - 30% for children older than five years old.

The confirmation of the reservation/alteration will be made once the Inn has received either the deposit receipt or the debit in credit card via email or whatsapp. Deposits made after the pre-booking expiring date might be refused by the Inn and will be refunded to the guests via DEPOSIT. Any tax will be deduced from the amount to be refunded.

All the fees shown in flyers and/or publicity are valid for the period mentioned and they may vary due to high season or some special event, as well as, variation in the exchange rate or in price raise authorized by the authorities.

The special fees will not be accumulated to other promotions without the agreement with the Inn, the extra or special clauses must be specified in this document.

Small-sized dogs are welcome to the Inn but there will be a 10% FEE charged on the total of your stay.

The estimate price informed by e-mail or telephone is valid only for fifteen days and adjustments to the price may occur.

2. Payment Forms

The minimum payment and the cancellation policy must be known at the moment of your reservation/alteration:
     - Best Season: up to 50% of the reservation total fee.
     - High Season: 50% of the reservation total fee.
     - Special packages: 100% of the reservation total fee.

The reservation and/or alteration can be paid with credit card or bank deposit, in a bank account requested by the Inn and the receipt must be sent via phone to (55)(24)3387-1705 or whatsapp (24) 9 9998-3687 / (24) 9 9968-2210 or via e-mail:

The due amount of your reservation and/or alteration must be paid on your arrival at the Inn and the other expenses made throughout your stay must be paid either during or at the end of your stay.

3. Cancellation Policy and No Show

Cancellation requests should be sent to or to our phone (55)(24) 3387-1725 or whatsapp (24) 9 9998-3687 / (24) 9 9968-2210.

The refund will only be possible (there will be a 10% administrative FEE) if it is informed 15 days prior to the check in when it is high season, or bank holidays or special fees and in 7 days prior to the check in when it is low season.

Any other cancellation that does not fit in the period above may be turned into bonus, except for Bank Holidays and special packages.

In case of an early departure, in any kind of reservation, may it be a package or not, it will be charged the full amount of your stay.

It is at the Inn´s discretion, whether or not a bonus should be offered to the guest to be used in the future, according to each situation.

Guest can be substituted by another guest as long as the same conditions and dates are kept the same.


No Show is when the guest does not show up at the expected check in date. The chalet will be available for 24h. After this period the reservation will be considered as cancellation and the cancellation policy will be applied (it will be considered a cancellation with less than 7 days notice, that is, with no right to refund).