Get to know the main tourist points in Visconde de Maua through the Inn´s website.

It´s the first village of the region, its climate is warm and its people are very hospitable, making this place very special.


It´s the second village of the region.
Famous for the large number of restaurants and bars.
The Black River flows through this village naturally dividing it between the two States: Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.


It´s the third village of the region
Discretion, peace and tranquility are the characteristics of this area.
Nature is another quality.


It´s 2KM from Maromba village.
The force of the water allows people to slide on its smooth huge rock into a beautiful natural swimming pool, making it the origin of its name.


The 30-metre vertical fall combined with an intense volume of water make this place a rare beauty.
We recommend a dive into the natural swimming pool that forms at the end of the fall and also the natural shower.


The access is both easy and safe. It has a 30-metre vertical fall.
The landscape is composed of Araucarias e Pinheiros. This place provides a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


Place with preserved forest where you can see both the flora and fauna in their exuberant forms. You will come across gardens of bromeliads and native animals. As well as beautiful and refreshing waterfalls.

There is an Entrance Fee.


The gigantic rock is shaped like a saddle, the origin of its name.
The way up is very steep and it takes around 2 hours and twenty minutes to reach the top from the car park. Nevertheless, all efforts are worthy. The view is amazing. Indescribable is the word for it! You have to go and see it for yourself!


This pond is hidden deep into the forest and as you get closer to it, a natural swimming pool is unveiled as well as trees, birds, nature and peace.


The Big Well is part of Maromba´s scenery and it´s 2 km from the village. It´s ideal for swimming and leaps, however, divers must be careful and try not to be carried away. Observing the locals before leaping is one of the safety measures required.


The forest trail is quite heavy and steep, requiring a certain effort to reach the top. But the view, the landscape, the waterfalls are worth the visit.

There is an entrance fee because it´s a private property.

There is a bar at the entrance working also as a help point.